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Balancing AI in Content Creation: Preserving Nuance

To say content creation has completely transformed with AI-powered software such as ChatGPT, would be to state the obvious.  

Breaking the "Big Idea"

There’s long been an obsession with the “big idea” – that one grand concept that promises to revolutionize a brand’s presence and captivate audiences en masse.

Three Trends to Look For in 2024

Our top three for communicators to look out for in 2024.

From ‘PR’ to ‘Strategic Communications’

An evolution of the PR industry is in the offing, one that demands a multifaceted approach to communication that is in sync with a new generation.

Re-Culturing the Agency-Client Relationship

Ask almost anyone across the world, and they will tell you how agency culture is toxic. More specifically, how the dynamic between client and agency is mostly unhealthy.

Lotus named “among the most innovative and industry-altering digital communicators” globally

Lotus Client Management & Public Relations has received a Global Honourable Mention, named “among the most innovative and industry-altering digital communicators” by international PR platform & global awarding body, PRNEWS.

The rise of influence in the Middle East

Over the last decade, the Middle East has witnessed remarkable growth in influence, corporate footprint and public diplomacy, fueled by the strategic use of communications. 

Strategic Communications During Times of Crisis: Navigating Turbulent Waters

In times of crisis, effective communication is paramount for any organization, whether it’s a company grappling with a reputational disaster or a country facing a national emergency.

Thought Leadership and Strategic Communications: A Powerful Combination for Growth

In today’s evolving business landscape, standing up., standing out and establishing oneself as a trusted authority is central to good growth. Enter thought leadership…