Balancing AI in Content Creation: Preserving Nuance

To say content creation has completely transformed with AI-powered software such as ChatGPT, would be to state the obvious.  

However, while these tools are great for efficiency and productivity, one quick look at your LinkedIn feed reveals a bit of a problem: that of homogenization and the erosion of individuality. There is a certain sameness that has set in, in tone, language…even the use of emojis!  

There is a growing proliferation of generic, formulaic content and with that, there’s a risk of producing content that lacks distinctiveness, failing to engage on a meaningful level. It means, many individuals and companies are publishing and posting away, but with very little to say, and even less engagement. This means, a loss of authenticity in online discourse.

Needless to say then, a guiding principle for all communicators using content writing AI tools specifically, should be restraint. Nuance, human creativity and individuality should not be sacrificed at the altar of efficiency.

When prompting on AI, frame your prompts carefully. And add on to it, edit and recraft that which you generate. Reconsider your impact on originality and authenticity.


After all, communication is not merely a regurgitation of words and cleverly crafted headlines: it has to really say something. It has to connect.