Lotus named “among the most innovative and industry-altering digital communicators” globally

Lotus Client Management & Public Relations has received a Global Honourable Mention, named “among the most innovative and industry-altering digital communicators” by international PR platform & global awarding body, PRNEWS.

This has been awarded for the “Best Coke Ever?” campaign for Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan in the Influencer Campaign category.

The aim of the campaign was to create attention, recall, desirability and FOMO around the launch of the new and improved taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in Pakistan, in a way that was unique, disruptive and engaging with influencers that provoke the target audience to try it out and talk about it.

The 360° campaign allowed the product to receive a 139% rise in sales compared to the last year. There was a 64% positive sentiment recorded along with a 39% engagement rate.

In terms of PR, the campaign quantitatively garnered a 24.1M+ reach, 3.4M+ PR value and more than 182 posts and stories.

This campaign was widely perceived as Pakistan’s most compelling influencer campaign by numerous other agencies, influencers and the public alike.

This is a particularly poignant achievement for South Asia’s PR industry and stands as global recognition for the significance, influence and impact of the strategic communications work coming out of Pakistan.