Pathaka Pictures

Pathaka Pictures

With two-time Academy and Emmy Award winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy at its helm, SOC Films is a Karachi-based film and animation house specializing in investigative and socially motivated content.

Patakha Pictures is an initiative of SOC films, which seeks to create and develop the next generation of truth seekers and storytellers and help empower them to turn their experiences into stories through a series of funding and mentorship grants.

A long-time partner of SOC Films, Lotus continues to work to publicize each stage of the mentorship grant process – from announcement, to selection, to final project culmination events – along with providing strategic communications consultancy and brand building.

The greatest challenge for aspiring filmmakers is to find an audience for their art form. Keeping this in mind Lotus designed each iteration of the grant to be accompanied by sufficient amplification from Pakistan’s most trusted and followed opinion leaders.

Since its inception, Patakha Pictures has funded 16 films that have been screened worldwide, including Pakistan, England, India, Nepal, USA, UAE, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines. These fellows’ films have also been showcased in over 25 film festivals, earning 13 awards so far for their excellence in storytelling and cinematography.