8 signs you shouldn't work in PR

I love working in PR. It's a career that keeps me on my toes, offers something new and different every day, and allows me to build great relationships with others. But I'd be lying if I said working in PR is easy. It's not. Read More

25 questions to ask when considering a social media monitoring service

Are you looking to monitor social media? You should be. By keeping an eye on social media platforms, you’ll gather valuable information about what your customers and potential consumers are saying about you and your competitors, and what your competitors are doing in the social space. Read More

8 PR Resolutions for the New Year

With 2013 just days away, many of us are thinking about how we can improve in the year to come. If you're short of ideas, why not give one of these a go? Read More

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So you want to work in Public Relations?

Read this interesting piece by The Guardian to know more.

For those applying for jobs, this website should be helpful to you

You're excited about your upcoming second interview. But now that joy is turning into the jitters. What can you expect from this round of questioning? Read More

Mashable suggests that Women Are Bigger Fans of Social Media than Men

Mashable suggests that Women Are Bigger Fans of Social Media than Men If social media sites ceased to exist, you would miss them — unless you're a man living in the U.K., according to a recent survey by British Telecom. More than 2,000 Brits were questioned for a survey commissioned by BT about the social media habits of men and women. The results showed that more than half of the women surveyed (54%) use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, compared to 34% of men. Read More

PR Week on How to write a Blog Post People Will Read

For better or worse, catching people's attention is probably the most crucial component to a successful blog post. Or else, what's the point of a great post if nobody reads it? According to Google, the average internet user waits about three seconds before hitting the "back" button on his browser. That's it. That's how long you have to catch the average internet user's attention. Read More

The Telegraph on Fashion in the Digital Age

Although the fashion industry has been quick to use digital media to become more accessible to consumers, certain designers are using the same tools to keep catwalk access exclusive, writes Rachel Arthur. Read More